SEC Shorts – Alabama and Georgia get dispatched to the principal’s office

The Tide and the Bulldogs showed no mercy to their top ranked adversaries this previous weekend. Although these games were billed as big match ups, Alabama and Georgia spinned to simple victories. Now they must go face their next adversary, the SEC principal who is not happy with the reports of bullying he has been getting.


  1. The only thing that’s going to make this feel lot better is that Alabama versus Georgia meets in the Southeast conference championship and yet the same two teams can be in the national championship game ?

  2. “In our defense we do that everybody” LOL DYING

  3. Not to complain, but your Kentucky guy didn’t have NEARLY enough neck-beard to be believable…
    The physique was spot on though.

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    I was so looking forward to 2 great games. I ended up switching to other games before halftime. Shout out to the Wildcats for delivering some excitement Saturday. Great skit but I was hoping for some comedy based on all the False Start penalties committed by the Gators.

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