SEC Roll Call – Week Two (2023 Season)

What was supposed to be a cake walk for Georgia and Tennessee turns into a struggle. Kentucky is nearly taken out by a in-state school. Both Mississippi members take care of business. Alabama suffers a surprising upset against Texas, sending them to a special club with filled with a few familiar faces.


  1. Subscribe or chug mustard

  2. I mean Neyland refs have always been anti Tennessee. That’s just the way it be, but they were a side effect, the constant dropped passes were the main choke factor. That being said we still played like garbage and I am genuinely worried for the rest of the season.

  3. I have two words for Matt Mitchel. ROLL TIDE!!!

  4. I have been genuinely looking forward to these! They get better every time!

  5. Don't Believe It Just Because You Want To Hear It

    Sorry but that 100% looked like a Michigan toboggan with the Mizzou shirt not a Mizzou one

  6. There is a lot of classic jokes that episode .

  7. The Auburn guy at the end is pure gold.

  8. Oklahoma as a toady for Texas is hilarious!

  9. As an Auburn expat living in Kansas, I always appreciate the Mizzou hate.

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