Season 3 Week 1 | Highlights | Enemies vs. Bivouac

The battle of the expansion teams got heated rapidly and set the stage for a new BIG3 competition.

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  1. Was Gilbert arenas hurt

  2. BIG 3 – somebody needs FULL highlights!!! not just 3 or 4 min…. ;

  3. Andrew Talamantes

    Big 3 refs are supposed to be more Lenient with the physical calls and they really ejected each teams most popular players 5 points in any

  4. Where is Gilbert at?

  5. no music msn wtf

  6. ididntknow youcoulddothat

    where’s hibachi @?

  7. Came here for Gil and he ain’t play smh

  8. Fake game , Fake fights & Fake show

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