Season 3: Echoes Within Launch Trailer | Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s Echoes Within arrives on March 7!

Get a peek at what is coming in Season 3, which includes a new 100-tier Battle Pass, three new maps, a new mode, a new weapon, a new equipment item, and cosmetics!

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  1. SheriffSteveRambo'sLoyalFan

    No way it’s been out for about a year and still doesent have core game modes such as infection, more than two ranked game modes like in halo 5, halo 3, halo mcc etc.

  2. so…there will be firefight or what??

  3. Seeing the DMR back made me giddy. Literally one of if not my favorite gun from Halo. And that Mark 3 EVA armor from Ghosts of Onyx is something I’ve wanted for so long. Is that Gungnir and Scout that I spy in that cover??? 🙂

  4. Please bring back team sniper, please & thank you.

  5. Is it too late for me to play Halo MCC Multiplayer & do they have bots?

    I never got to play the multiplayer in those games but I assume barely anyone plays it now.

  6. Are there bots in this game & are they good/fun?

  7. Does Halo MCC have bots & are they fun/good?

  8. The Corrupted Void

    Are we still buying colors?

  9. Herrscher Of Lotus

    This looks so baddass! Can’t wait & honest f the haters they go play CE on pc bunch of babies! Love the maps we are getting looking like a ton of fun!

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