Season 1 Trailer | Overwatch 2

New heroes join the fight and all-new prizes await in Overwatch 2 Season 1.

Learn more about Overwatch’s most rewarding experience to date, which includes the Season 1 Battle Pass, which offers players 80 tiers of prizes through the season.

As part of the free track, players can earn and unlock Overwatch 2’s new support hero “Kiriko”, Awesome skins, and a collection of new cosmetic objects.

For players looking to score more, the Premium Battle Pass offers exclusive perks and prizes, which includes the all-new Cyber Demon Genji mythological skin, Fabled skins as well as a season-long 20% XP Boost. Also, Season 1 Premium Battle Pass owners will without delay acquire instant access to Overwatch’s newest hero, Kiriko and other astonishing cosmetics.

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  1. “Junker Queen” aka BuffJinx

  2. I don’t exactly mind a battlepass but why lock the heroes behind a paywall and put it right at the end of the battlepass? What happens when the pass ends? You can’t get the heroes anymore?!

  3. Nah nah man, this one won’t take my money like OW did.

  4. I don’t get it why was this hyped up to be a whole new game when its the same game we have been playing for years?… you just gotta buy every skin now?… i hope there is a way to earn everything overtime because so far all im seeing is overwatch with nothing worth to earn in it. (without paying)…sounds like fun and worth my time. i much prefer the loot boxes loot boxes had garbage odds but you could still earn stuff in time… lets just hope that absolutely everything isnt locked behind pay walls. (like every other in game store)

  5. I missed the best times of OW1, this time I’m ready tho, bought Watchpoint several months ago 🫡.

  6. I’m intrigued, yet also a bit ya, it’s not that clear… Do you get the items for sure when you pay for a season, or do you still have to earn it like in diablo immortal which would be not very nice? And how about the idea that seasons are only there for unlocking new assets, but they don’t restrict you to the newest unlocked content. Meaning you can pay for any season and then choose from all the already unlocked content the one you actually wanna get. This also means you can never really miss content as you can always choose a season “path” of content from an earlier season. I could be paying for season three, but get the items from season 1 or 2… something like that. That would be great, it’s always possible to miss something due to holidays, accidents, etc, etc, etc and when u as genji main miss the ultimate genji skin that would be kinda sad 😉 Yet locking heroes completely behind battle pass, that sucks BIG TIME. One should be able to pay directly for a hero without paying a season, and I also think it should be possible to unlock it by gaining something like exp-points, but paying would just lead to an immediate unlock.

  7. Noice.

  8. I’m already missing OW1 :/

  9. I would have happily payed £40 or more for this game. Why did they feel the need to do a battle pass?

  10. Man, i really would have loved if they sticked to the roots of OW. Paying once for the full game, without “missing” something. Battlepasses are always a bit meh. Espically unlucking new heroes with it…

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