Search Is On For Gunman Who Killed Rapper XXXTentacion

Rielle Creighton reports he was gunned down Monday in broad sunlight in front of a motorbike dealership in Deerfield Beach



  2. Lamborghini Boss

    At 12 AM on June 23rd is the night of a full moon so at 12 AM on the 23rd play Moonlight by Triple X to honor XXXTENTACION. PLEASE SPREAD THIS TO OTHERS TO HONOR TRIPLE X

  3. Who cares

  4. Bring Me More Booze

    SPOILER ALERT: They’ll never find him.

  5. Whose mans is this?

  6. ya no hacen a los negros como antes :v

  7. they talked about all of the bad he did but did talk about all the good

  8. Nothing seems right about this. That guy said he only heard one shot fired, others saying he was shot three times, no blood, missing face tattoos, and more. Im so confused…

  9. Delshawn Mitchell

    Where is black lives matter at ? Its fucked how this got out of control where life does not mean anything.

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