Schwartz gets hat trick, Blues blank Sharks in Game 5

Jaden Schwartz notched his second hat trick of the postseason as the Blues took a 3-2 lead in the Western Conference Final with a 5-0 win



  2. Not a Blues fan… But, I’m totally cheering for you guys to come in and take the stanley cup. Man what a comeback story… From 31st in the league to leading in the division finals!

  3. As a Leafs fan I don’t care who wins this series as long as they beat the much rested bloody Bruins in finals, if Blues manage to finish the series off at home wud b nice 2 c Ex Leafs TB & AS plus J Bowmeister (apologies 4 the spelling, keyboard warriors) & Alex P get their first cup if Sharks pull off a mini miracle and get thu, wud b nice 2 c Jumbo Joe, Burns & Vlasic get their first cup especially if they clinched in Boston! Go Teams Go! Ps like anybody cares but I picked a Jets vs Bolts SC final b4 regular season started but as soon as they shockingly crashed out I tipped the Blues vs Bruins, can’t believe tho Blues got 5 in San Jose and we’re only 1 out of 8 on the PP! If replying 2 my comment Blues / Sharks fans please reassure me that u can stop the big bad Bruins and that dirty rat from lifting the Cup this year!

  4. I believe in KARMA

  5. Hand pass you shouldn’t of won that game San Jose

  6. I prayed that they would lose and they did thank God now the warriors r next ??

  7. Blues in 6!

  8. Empty building even before the end. Harsh fan support!

  9. Sharks are gonna win the series….
    It’s in the bag

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