School Lunch from the Great Depression

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  1. Tasting History with Max Miller

    Question! What was your favorite school lunch dish?

    • The Macrobian Nomad

      Jacket potatoes and beans with grated cheddar. I come from England

    • At my school it was all trash, my favorite was anything from home

    • Cloud Nine Therapeutics

      Roasted turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce and a pumpkin square with Cool Whip. I hated the baked fish. It was always soggy and greasy.

    • @Jim Clercx You’re HIGH-LARE-EEE-USSSS! 🤣🤣🤣

    • I loved when the cooks made chili always served with fresh made breadsticks, and cinnamon rolls! You would start smelling the breadsticks and rolls baking about mid-morning – talk about heaven! We had great school cooks! 🩷

  2. The Macrobian Nomad

    Glad Max is finally getting the recognition he deserves, literally trending on YouTube 🔥

  3. nyarlatothep666

    Tomato peanut-butter soup probably beats cucumber sandwich as a meal.

  4. I thought only asian dads in their childhood had to walk to school uphill, both way, in the snow.

  5. Hermit cookies! These are still made and eaten in the Canadian Maritimes, assuming for similar reasons to New England, proximity! I’ve eaten many a hermit cookie growing up.

  6. My father would tell stories about the boarding school he went to in the 60’s. He’d talk at length about needed to go hunting, fishing and growing vegetables to make sure he got enough to eat. As every day for every meal, it was a small cup of tea with watered down porridge. With the exception that Sundays the nuns would boil meat in with the porridge, but pick it out for the priests meal. So the kids would maybe get a bone with some gristle.

  7. It is not uncommon to give kids coffee with milk (leite com café) here in Brazil. Tasty, and WAY cheaper than chocolate powder. A common side would be a “Marie” biscuit, usually dipped in the coffee.

  8. I do love a scoop of peanut butter in my curry, but tomato soup seems like Velcro wallets. An idea better left in the past.

  9. Our mom was a depression child, so she made us hermit cookies and lots of tomato soup. Our Sunday lunch was always white rice with milk, sugar and cinnamon served with peanut butter toast and hot tea — likely a hold over from her childhood depression meals.

  10. Gallus MacClure

    Always appreciate you putting things in grams for us non-Americans. Cheers from New Zealand 🇳🇿

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