School Board Meeting – SNL

Two board members (Alex Moffat, Ego Nwodim) try to keep the school board meeting attendees concentrated on one subject.

Saturday Night Live.

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  1. Why in the world did anyone applaud for dog the bounty hunter? That guy is a pig the bounty hunter.

  2. It looks just like a Florida board meeting.

  3. I miss madtv

  4. Yeah advertisement was Joe Biden asking for money to let Democrats across the country.

    It’s super offensive when politicians ask for donations, When they make a solid income off our taxes and they have careers for life with no term limits. And they’ve been busy messing things up for decades.

    Inflation is out of control currently, and it’s affecting all of us.

    It appears to be more of a power struggle between Democrats and Republicans…. How is that helping the people of this country?

  5. Yay. Snl got funny.

  6. So happy to see Jan Krang and Gary again lol

  7. Am I the only one that didn’t laugh at this sketch?

  8. People were mad about this smfh

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