Saying Goodbye to My Minecraft Hardcore World..

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1 and a one half years.

Edited by: DanTDM


  1. Did Dan just said baby tendies?

  2. So sad at least you had a great time!
    I hope you will still play Minecraft
    Play Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock pls

  3. John Dexter Matias

    Just to clarify, when you shoot a evoler 100 blocks away, it will still spawn a vex because evokers are cowards. And another way you can avoid that is if you made the drop for the pillagers 30 blocks atleast.

  4. Can you continue the ultimate hardcore series plzzzz

  5. In my opinion the xbox 360 world would hurt more if it was lost

  6. Charlene Mascardo

    F In the chat bois

  7. Chrystofer Capetillo

    Dan should join the Dream SMP

  8. Bro, Cant you go into files and make a new file when ou were alive?

  9. Is it just me but he forgot about his pig farm in the nether

  10. pettition to make hi restart his skyblock playthrough DAY 1

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