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  1. I love this new hype house era!

  2. [TANIA]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    No because i agree with everyone this is probably the happiest I’ve seen the hype house and I have been here since they started but i love seeing everyone so happy in the hype house. Hopefully we can get a season 2 of hype house

  3. I love how Thomas is so respectful about everything. He really handles the situation to the best of his ability. He is a great person giving people amazing opportunities. Thomas you deserve the world 🌎 💕

  4. damn its insane how goofy talentless fools from tiktok are able to live in mansions when someone there whole life working in hard labor can barely afford a house really shows you whats the problem in modern-day economy.

  5. This hype house era is prolly the best, the try not to laugh got me choking on my own breath lmaoooo

  6. “Are Prisoners Who Have Their Hearts Removed for Transplantation Actually Dead?”
    While it has been proven by other researchers that Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghur Muslims are the two main groups targeted in organ harvesting, Lavee and Robertson still questioned whether donors were actually dead when the doctors removed their hearts.

    As they wrote in the Tablet article: “For an organ donor to be medically and legally dead, brain or circulatory death must first be declared. Brain death is the permanent and irreversible cessation of all brain function, including breathing. As long as ventilation is artificially maintained in such patients, the heart continues to beat for a short while, thus keeping vital organs viable and suitable for transplantation.

    “This question is central, because if the prisoner donors in China were indeed brain dead at the time, then heart extraction would not have been the cause of death. But if the declaration of brain death was false—or indeed, medically impossible—then heart procurement would necessarily have been the cause of death. In other words, the prisoners would have been alive at the time of heart extraction and the surgeons would have been executioners.”

    To answer their question, they searched 120,000 Chinese-language medical publications in both academic and medical databases from the 1950s to late 2020, using keywords such as “脑死亡后立即气管内插管给氧”(“after brain death, immediately perform endotracheal intubation”) and “供体大脑死亡后,首先分秒必争地建立呼吸与静脉通道”(“after donor brain death, race against the clock to establish respiratory and venous access”).

    In their findings, there were 71 studies published between 1980 and 2015 that concerned 56 hospitals, including 12 military hospitals, in 33 cities across 15 provinces. These studies indicated that brain death was not properly declared before the heart extraction. Thus, the transplant itself was the cause of the donor’s death.

    Lavee and Robertson cited one such study (which they coded as paper 0191) in the appendix of the AJT paper. This study stated that the Chinese surgeon involved in the transplant made it very clear that the victim’s heart was still beating before they removed it. “The donor was intravenously injected with heparin 3mg/kg 1h before the operation … The heartbeat was weak and the myocardium was purple. After assisted ventilation through tracheal intubation, the myocardium turned red and the heartbeat turned strong … The donor heart was extracted with an incision from the 4th intercostal sternum … This incision is a good choice for field operation where the sternum cannot be sawed open without power.”

    In another study that Lavee and Robertson coded as paper 0173, another Chinese surgeon admitted that the victim was still breathing and not intubated. “Before the chest is opened, 100mg of heparin is injected and the mask is pressurized to give oxygen to assist breathing.”

    A third study coded as paper 0463 said that a surgeon revealed an important detail: “After the donor is confirmed brain dead, four cases of tracheal intubation, three cases of mask oxygenation, quickly establish artificial respiration, rapid median thoracic dissection …” If the victim was already dead, they wouldn’t have been able to breathe on their own and the (oxygen) mask wouldn’t have been necessary. When the surgeon still used the (oxygen) mask on the victims, the only possibility was that they were still breathing and alive.

    Never Again
    Lavee and Robertson wrote at the end of the Tablet article, “China’s crime against humanity—of massive executions by organ-procuring physicians—has been accomplished secretly under the headlights of operating rooms, and so for decades has been hard to detect. The global silence with which these crimes have been met is unconscionable—crimes similar to those of the Nazi doctors are repeating themselves in front of our eyes, and yet the world remains quiet. It is high time for Western scientists, doctors, and the rest of humanity to reaffirm the sanctity of the Hippocratic oath and give meaning to the Jewish slogan after the Holocaust: Never again.”

    US Senator Tom Cotton tweeted the article on June 28, 2022. He wrote: “The Chinese Communist Party continues to harvest organs from persecuted religious groups, prisoners of conscience, and inmates. @ChrisCoons and I introduced legislation to hold the CCP accountable for these heinous crimes.”

    The legislation Senator Cotton referred to is the “Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Act of 2021” introduced to the Senate in March 2021. It has 15 bi-partisan cosponsors so far and is awaiting further action by the Senate.

    All content published on this website are copyrighted by Minghui will produce compilations of its online content regularly and on special occasions.

  7. Bunch of rich kids make me sick

  8. Alumita 🌹𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me ! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶𝗹𝗲

    No because i agree with everyone this is probably the happiest I’ve seen the hype house and I have been here since they started but i love seeing everyone so happy in the hype house. Hopefully we can get a season 2 of hype house

  9. lol bye

  10. I want to see an old hype house reunion, that would be nice

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