San Mateo Co. residents firmly request answers after Indiana Batmobile garage raid

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors is taking action after Friday’s I-Team report. ABC7 News unveiled that San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos dispatched four investigators to Indiana last month, to plunder the only garage that makes Batmobile replications licensed by DC Comics.

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  1. I’m speachless

  2. What does Gavin have to say about this???
    I wander???……..
    You guys need a De Santis over there to serve this Sheriff the pink slip……

  3. Sheriff’s found a remote control that had been shoved up the butt of an angry squirrel boy.

  4. They have foster children lost in the system that they don’t have resources to investigate…but they have money and time to go 2k miles for a bat mobile. Smh

  5. This is the same kind of corruption that’s going on in DC between our establishment politicians and the DOJ, FBI, etc, just on a smaller scale. They just sentenced a grandma to jail time over a simple trespassing charge. And even tho all she did was wander into a publicly owned building after a door was politely opened for her. A GRANDMOTHER. For TRESPASSING. Let that sink in… 😑

  6. Some people take pride in the fact that there is law enforcement living in their neighborhood. Time to rethink all of that all it takes is to get on their bad side and as you see they are powerful people who can make your life miserable through their corruption and it is almost impossible to hold them accountable for their actions when the judge the da the prosecutors are all involved and working with one another.

  7. Shows how the elo departments in all states are so corrupt not one citizen has protection from criminal police and the wealthy who control these monsters

  8. Better believe tickets are gonna go up in that town to pay that travel expense.

  9. The DA offices are also a Rogue agency without anyone to hold the district attorneys Accountable for committing crimes against citizens

  10. Fire them sheriff’s no check giving to them for doing the dumbest thing ever.. what a waste of tax payer smh

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