San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals | 2022 Week 11 Game Highlights

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  1. Cervantes Ortiz 2022 Jose 🇲🇽

    How was Mexico nice game sf gotta be fav.

  2. Entertainment Tadayyyy

    Love my Niners

  3. 9ers maybe legit!

  4. Kingsbury and Murray have got to go. Rebuild time

  5. Alejandro de la Luz

    Thanks NFL for coming to Mexico and playing the Match, I really hope this would become a tradition year. after year. I really hope. some day a team called Mexico would be. a part of the NFL

  6. The 49ers are Dangerous!

  7. Manuel Alejandro Diaz

    The video is a little speed up. Like 1.1 speed

  8. 2:50 why do the refs keep blowing these plays dead. Let it play out then review it…

  9. I am a huge fan of the 49ers they are a giga chad

  10. I mean Isn’t Arizona short handed? This isn’t a full roster due to injuries I thought.

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