Samsung Privacy: The Private Vault

Privateness is not anything without any strong security. Samsung Knox protects your personal data with layers of security and a separate vault to keep your most fundamental things private. Learn more at:

Your privateness. Secured.

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  1. Is that really secure? I know most samsung apps ask for most permission which is not required.

  2. Jennifer Stevens

    Anybody recognize this actress? It’s tickling my brain who she is and where do I recognize her from.

  3. You want true privacy? Get rid of your smartphone

  4. School Shooting in Seoul !!! South Korea !

  5. the words

    ah… aw.. ah… aw..

    useful if maintaining as discerning


    identifying shifty dynamics
    in frequented areas

    [about] consent.:

    [when] did activities go from consented to entirely unconsensual?

    *distracted consensual consent*


    • individual is coherent & cognizant

    • individual is focused on guiding…
    friend or ally

    •individual’s mentality is aware but gliding from sympathy/understanding…
    for another individual(s).

    *unconsensual consent present throughout…:*

    • immediate economic desperation?
    • intrusions to the point of influence or indoctrination?


    *unconsensual consent present throughout…:*

    • exhilaration [due to discovery]?
    • drugs/alcohol ingested?
    • fear of legal&illegal authorities?


    • In reference to the 1st section of my messages:

      the words 

      ah…. aw.. ah…. aw.. 

      said as listening to an individual or individuals

      helps a listener maintain composure

      & productive dialogue

      as a listener discerns through information or feedback.

      In reference to the 2nd section of my messages:

      the classifications & categorizing 

      provide an outline for formulating dynamics 

      to intercept or deter

      amongst (within or around) a patriarchy

      to wrought or assure establishing relations 

      seeking a healthy longevity.

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  6. We know you’re lying about our info being private. But no one cares enough to question it.

  7. Kendrick Donnelly

    100 not true.

  8. Stop trying to make Knox happen, it’s not going to happen

  9. *Say anything but they r atleast not disabling comment section like Apple*

  10. Samsung, whatever you do never disable comments like Apple.

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