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Saleen has been a staple in the tuning world since the ’80s, and has helped so many Mustangs reach their final form. They are at the present working on a vehicle for the GT4 racing world, and have gone through a ton to get here! Join James as he dives into the history of Saleen!

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  2. Christian Davies

    Ginetta is the cheap entry into racing & has been for ages

  3. FINALLY!!

  4. I want to see the history of the one and only crx

  5. Saleen S7. One very small step up from a poorly built kit car. Junk

  6. This guy sounds like jimmy from GTA

  7. How are yall not even going to show the 2000 saleen sr mustang? That thing was so gorgeous and unique!

  8. Spencer Yancey

    He ripped off investors and SLNN was revoked by the Securities and Exchange Commission

  9. Zangeef Fangsteen

    After I realized that you’re not doing any of the work on your channel and there’s actually like 20 people editing your videos and research material, I cannot bring myself to watch your videos again. At first I thought “damn this guy is cool, what a hard worker. He comes up with all these ideas and unique effects and makes it professional” But no, it’s actually like 20 millennial monkeys in an office building pulling the levers.


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