Sakurai Teases Smash Bros Ultimate DLC for the E3 Nintendo Direct

Sakurai emerged at the Nintendo Smash Bros Ultimate invitational to tease new DLC to be touted during the Nintendo Direct.
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  1. Please a Dark Souls DLC fighter!!!

  2. Will we be having a bad time?

  3. Euhan むめるさな

    2018: new smash bros characters
    2019: Joker

  4. It better be waluigi

  5. Bring Bartz Klauser!

  6. Here are my predictions for the rest of the fighter pass
    1: not banjo
    2: not banjo
    3: not banjo
    4: waluigi

  7. What if he lied about announcing the 2nd DLC Fighter in the next E3 ? Because the Smash Ball turned into fake when he started talking about it

  8. Javier Martinez

    It’s so satisfying hearing Sakurai’s voice and having sub tittles rather than having an English voice over.

  9. Waluigi 4 smash Lmao ?

  10. Kevin Henderson

    “Uh oh, I turned into a fake Sakurai in front of the real smash ball.”

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