Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of ‘Frozen’

Ryan Reynolds divulged to Ellen that his two young daughters can not start a day without any viewing “Frozen,” and he has had enough of it. The Hollywood heartthrob in addition conversed about getting a bad haircut in Abu Dhabi, and spending Thanksgiving with his family there, and the forthcoming PG-13 variation of his hit R-rated film “Deadpool 2” called “Once Upon a Deadpool”.



  1. *Sees title*
    Me: Who hasn’t?

  2. Love you Ellen!

  3. I dont see Ryan Reynolds, I only see Deadpool now

  4. They really should start calling her Lively.
    I keep imagining Blake Shelton and RR every time

  5. I wanna keep him in my cabinet

  6. Talks frozen at 4:50

  7. 🖕cancer!🗣 Shout out to Boosie😎!

  8. Omg! He is so hilarious…

  9. Naturally hilarious.

  10. You can’t not love Ryan

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