Ryan Gosling – I’m Just Ken Exclusive (From Barbie The Album) [Official]

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  1. He’s literally me

    Doesn’t seem to matter what I do
    I’m always number 2
    No one knows how hard I try
    I have feelings that I can’t explain
    Driving me insane
    All my life been so polite
    but I’ll sleep alone tonight

    Cause I’m just Ken
    Anywhere else I’ll be a ten
    Is it my destiny to live and die a life of blond fragility?
    I’m just ken, where I see love she sees a friend
    What will it take for her to see the man behind the tan and fight for me?

    I wanna know what’s it’s like to love
    To be the real thing
    Is it a crime? Am I not hot when I’m in my feelings?
    And is my moment finally here or am I dreaming?
    I’m no dreamer

    I’m just Ken
    Anywhere else, I’d be a ten
    Is it my destiny to live and die
    A life of blond fragility?
    I’m just Ken!!
    Where I see love, she sees a friend
    What will it take for her to see
    The man behind the tan and fight for me?

    I’m just Ken!! *and I’m enough*
    And I’m great at doing stuff
    So, hey, check me out, yeah, I’m just Ken
    My name’s Ken *and so am I*
    Put that manly hand in mine
    So, hey world, check me out, yeah, I’m just Ken
    Baby, I’m just Ken

  2. Lisa Jacqueline Art

    I just want to watch this one bit over and over again.

  3. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Cheers to the editors who put together all the footage, thank you!

  4. Dam boys actualy loved this?

  5. is anyone else bothered by his belt buckle being off center? Accident? Intentional? Also, thats Chris Evans brother!

  6. Greta looks hella fine. I think she could be a barbie too.

  7. I was waiting for that video! I absolutely love song that grows into the random dancing scene with Ken, it has this ‘Big Lebawski’ spontaneous vibe which performed in a perfect dance, it’s AWESOME.

  8. Misandrist dog shit movie

  9. First Naatu Naatu, now this. The era of bromance musical numbers has arrived and it’s glorious.

  10. #Ken
    #Magnificent 🩵💯

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