Welcome back to the Solo Life! The series on my channel where I show you my solo experience. In this specific run we had the normal PVP but in addition a very good story. Hope you people enjoy!

I just partnered up with IronsidePC. A video clip will be coming out in the future to showcase a custom Blooprint PC they are building for me presently. The specifications you see above is not the sponsored PC. For now though, use this link to check them out!

2. Sol – [ocean jams]

3. Mellow Soul – Auxjack

4. No Cardigan in Michigan Please – Arc De Soleil

5. Resting Quality – Brookii

6. Nerve – Dream Cave

7. Granny Dance – Scoobadive

8. For the Business – Gerhard Feng

9. Shoes Off – Guustavv

10. Stop Wasting My Time – Matt Large

11. Throbbing Anxiety – Dream Cave

12. Happy to See You – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

13. Mess It Up – RaFa Sessions

14. Closing in on Truth – Dream Cave

15. Duck in a Box – Jobii

16. Command – Gloria Tells

17. Baila Balearic – Larry Poppinz

Outro Song ⇨ chryst – 1k

All background music is provided by Epidemic Sound ⇨



  2. Day 1 of asking blooprint to do another water wipe with spoonkid

  3. This is just bullying at this point ahahahhaha

  4. Anybody find the squid game reference

  5. this compared to xbox version this soooo much better. xbox its like 30x harder

  6. Best ending Is when u talk to them

  7. revenge for what tho?

  8. this is content

  9. Oh yo let’s go I’ve been waiting for this

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