Russia’s “Rocketman” Censorship & How to Pronounce Rihanna’s Name | The Daily Show

The Russian edit of “Rocketman” gets rid of the homosexual scenes, Rihanna explains the pronunciation of her name, and a high school principal plagiarizes his commencement lecture.

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  1. Michael Contreras

    Good for Russia. Enough with this pride garbage

  2. They call me Tomutar

    There is a huge difference between fast and furious without cars and Elton John without gay and drug scenes

  3. I’m French so I always pronounced Rihanna name like that.
    Plus she said it that many times before. I think your comments about these topics seem unfounded and almost dumb.
    When you talked to Russia and Russians as if the whole population wanted to censor the movie.. And you have stereotypes about homosexuality.
    Plus you use homosexuality topic to make fun of a country so in the end you’re saying that homosexuality is funny but no it’s serious like anything else.
    Really I wonder who put you on this show, this was almost pathetic.

  4. Даа плохо что в России урезали целых 20 минут,суки ненавижу! Российский закон гласит что если я увижу этот фильм моментально примкну к ЛГБТ. Ненавижу Рошку!

  5. They call me Tomutar

    First of all Elton John gets a movie for being a musical legend not for being gay and fast and furious literally revolves around fast cars and people who drive them hints the name fast and furious if the movie rocket man literally revolves around the fact he was gay it would not be named after one of his world famous songs the movie is about his journey to becoming a legend not about being and gay and doing drugs and besides it’s Russia who cares

  6. Annoyed Republican!


  7. Did anybody else wonder why this was in trending?

  8. Russia isnt wrong to censor that gay crap, america or europe arent ahead of their time cause they promote gayness, fuck that crap and how its normalizied by social media and all you fools.

  9. Not Russia Cut scenes. Stupid stupid idiot

  10. Go Trevor!

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