Russian President Vladimir Putin signals end of troop mobilization in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims he will end his partial troop mobilization within the next two weeks, despite a week of increased missile attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine. CBS News chief foreign affairs correspondent and “Face the Nation” moderator, Margaret Brennan, joined Catherine Herridge to discuss the latest.

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  1. Only God Knows Why

    I dont support pro women programs this channel says it all

  2. The west should arm the Russian exiles to be an army attacking Kreml.



  4. The reason he was so unprepared is because he thought his White House coup wouod still be in place and the orange puppet would have let him take Ukraine with no force. Since it was all ready to go, he went for it anyway.

  5. Well we are going into primary elections here in the states and Democrats know what’s coming.

  6. I’d stop sending soldiers too if they all kept getting killed so easily.

  7. I’m ready for the nukes

  8. Ukraine has basically no military left all there special forces are dead or wounded. America and Europe are paying Al Qaeda thousands a month per soldier to fight in Ukraine against Russia..your tax payed money is paying terrorists to fight russia. the same terrorists America created and fought in Afghanistan. The Media ain’t telling you the true stories of this war only what benifits there agenda.

  9. I thought you were actually going to show Putin saying the very words so that I can make informed decisions of your “newscasting”… And you didn’t even bother to let me listen to the translated version of whatever he said or what he really did.
    Tsk Tsk

  10. Pootin is a lunatic

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