Russia Just Took a Big Dam Risk. Is Moscow Running out of Soldiers?

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Since November 2022, Russia has been unleashing water from the Kakhovka Dam, thereby draining the reservoir behind it. This will cause all kinds of difficulties in Russian-held territory: it will flood the area downstream, it will limit the irrigation of agrarian fields to the south, and it could limit the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant’s capability to cool itself. Why is Russia doing this? The straightforward answer is that it will reduce Ukraine’s ability to initiate an attack in Kherson, thereby freeing up Russian soldiers to pursue an offensive in the north. But it also hints at the possibility that Russia is running low on soldiers, otherwise Moscow would not be willing to incur these costs.

0:00 Does Russia Have a Manpower Shortage?
0:48 The Draining of the Kakhovka Dam and Reservoir
2:18 Why Would Russia Release the Dam?
4:00 Where the Flood Goes
5:19 Irrigation Problems
6:54 The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Problem
8:22 Why Russia Is Probably Running out of Soldiers
10:04 Or Maybe Russia WAS Running out of Soldiers
11:30 Is the Russian Winter Offensive a Failure?
12:59 Boris Johnson’s Tie

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Rafael Mariano Grossi visits Zaporizhzhya NPP (02011295)

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Spent Fuel Pool (02813601)

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  1. Is a dam gamble just a damble?

  2. Callum Morrison

    Thank you for an informative, well argued, and well illustrated video.

  3. Doubt they have a man power problem

  4. NCR and Caesar’s legion are back at it again

  5. Hahahaha

  6. You dam putin me on

  7. Someone close in putins inner circle is going to assinate putin just like what happened to momar kadafy of Libya

  8. Personally I disagree with the point that the opening of the sluices and the drying up of the Crimean canal could constitute a disadvantage or even a “sacrifice” for Russia.
    Because Russia never gave a rat’s ass about the consensus or the economic hardship of people living under her authority.

    What can the people in Crimea do, complain?! 😂

    If anybody just dares to open their mouth in the occupied territories, the Russian military will just crush them, so I’m sure that nobody within Russia’s decision making echelons even cares

  9. USA and NATO are biggest problem in this world. They created to destroy and rub weak countries like Middle East and now it’s turn to Ukraine. We have experience with these two monsters.
    Instead to hear and watch the lies and propaganda, please go back and read the history and you will find who is the real monster and killer. Don’t use your feelings. Use your knowledge.
    We have done this mistake and trusted to the USA and NATO

  10. Weren’t you guys saying Russians are many,and they are fed to the meat grinder?

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