Russia brutalised this village. Now young Ukrainians are rebuilding homes and hope

Young Ukrainians from Kyiv are organising ‘Repair Together’ weekends to help poor villages ravaged by Russian occupation by cleaning up and rebuilding homes for free.

Tetiana Burianova was journeying in Peru when war broke out, and rushed back to Ukraine to help out in anyway she could. With her friends, she got started collecting donations and organising repair events that now attract hundreds of young folks from towns each weekend.

The Guardian’s Christopher Cherry reports from a freed village where he meets locals discovering it unfeasible to forgive a vicious occupation, and volunteers determined to construct a better Ukraine surrounded by the destroy.

You can contribute to Repair Together here:

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  1. Анастасия

    Приехали 😂 помощники, много сделали🤗молодцы. Вся деревня теперь спокойно перезимует…

  2. No comparison with my drone

  3. Human Beings R Thinking Beings

    Mind Begs the Question:
    To Support and Aid an Apartheid State

  4. Barbarians that do that to people.

  5. Thumbnail is a bit much right?

  6. I heard Russia is using drones to attack wedding parties. Terrible.

  7. Papa always brings the heat with the absolute bangers you should also do a series where you only used cards from a certain promo. Much love Mr. Meags

  8. Gee do you thinks these folks will ever want to be a part of Russia ?

  9. I can not believe what this “old woman” said. “I was taken out and thrown to the river” “I crawled along the river bank until morning” At least they didn’t shoot her like they did her son. The Russians showed some mercy. Death & destruction where ever the Russians go. This has got to stop. And stop now. K Bergman

  10. My Ukrainian father in law had a saying:- if you have 1 stick you can break it, if you have 100 sticks together it’s harder to break, the more sticks together the harder it gets. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦 ♥️

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