Russell Westbrook’s Jazz-fan quarrel could spark an unsightly trend – Jalen Rose | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Jalen Rose and Max Kellerman chime in on Russell Westbrook’s wordy quarrel with a fan during the second quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s street victory against the Utah Jazz. Jalen cautions this event will trigger more fans to annoy NBA players from the sidelines in an effort to go viral.

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  1. The media was messy for interviewing that man period SAS is just a chump and has to place blame on the athletes at all times.

  2. Liberalism is completely eroding society.

  3. SAKE WRLD Believer 39/27

    Utah are all Mormons the fans are Mormons their weird nice but weirdos I would hate to play in Utah

  4. Wow seriously so Russell Westbrook makes threats and there blaming the fans wow I’m done

  5. Wow some Utah fans are just vile, Jalen Rose is spot on, I am worried that a fan will goad Westbrook into a malice in palace monent

  6. Who the fuck is that lady? She is THE interrupter

  7. White People expect black People to be numb to racism just ignore it and carry on!! Nonsense!! If roles were reserved white people would have a nervous breakdown

  8. Sooooo your people died and u sat back down in your seat and watch the game?

  9. Utah
    I played basketball in Utah two times.
    And they cursed and yelled, all game long..

  10. Nba needs to protect Russ too many fans be coming up to him and it’s not right…

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