1. Now he in LA he gotta drop that 8 jersey

  2. this is like when the cavs got kyle korver, they think he’ll be a game changer but it’ll only move them from 13th seed to 12th

  3. when you can trade for a player who quit for an entire year then cried his way out the next year, I guess you have to do it.

  4. Just stay healthy and there is no limit where this kid can go

  5. After taking down the Jail Blazers last night, more good news. Love it, good luck.

  6. Well they traded a 13 points guy
    For a 13 points guy

  7. 株トレーダー

    We see you RUI 😤🇯🇵💪🏾

  8. 💜💛

  9. Girls With Big Feet

    Yeah I’m sure he will help get this pathetic joke of a franchise to a stellar record of 39-43 and the 10th seed….someone give LeFlop some more PED’s

  10. Attempted Unkindness

    Guy has an anime protagonist name. I hope he goes on to be the main character of his whole life.

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