Ruby’s NEW Heads Sound BEEFY! Bald Eagles Are Ready to BOG! (RTB)

Cheery to have Ruby nearly 100% before RMRW. Time to put her on the dyne and notice how much power she makes!

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Nov 23th Bradenton

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-Leroy’s Injectors! –
-Leroy’s BILLET Intake!

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  1. 17th on trending

  2. Put a LS9 gasket it in and throw those athena head gaskets in the trash. seriously problem if a 5.3 is lifting the heads under 30PSI

  3. 30 psi? Not good, not terrible.

  4. Make a shirt called spageti blooper

  5. purring like a kitteh!

  6. Fast Forwards through ads squad here!

  7. I’ll take a blown head gasket any day over bending a rod.

  8. Are you taking a tent or a tarp to string between the 2 trailers

  9. Neil Amalfitano

    Time for a VMP gen3r on neighbor

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