Ruby Goes Drag Racing w/Her NEW Torque Converter! (Builds ALL THE BOOST)

FINALLY!!! Ruby is making progress, all thanks to her new PTC Torque Converter!

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Aug 24th Houston
Nov 23th Bradenton

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-Leroy’s Injectors! –
-Leroy’s BILLET Intake!

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  1. I think you’ve found Ruby’s driver!

  2. cars shouldn’t have computers, they shut down then the car shuts down!!

  3. nice junker

  4. hell freakin yeahhh

  5. James made a large number of observations while driving. That’s quite an effort to race a car and make mental notes of so many variables of the car in real time..

  6. James is the poster child for #donttalktomenowimwarmingupthecar
    Damn son got his serious face on, this is important stop filming me Cleet…

  7. James is a bad ass driver never get rid of him he’s the shit

  8. How is this not a 7 sec car

  9. ThePaul Steezo

    Devon…..GET THE TABLES!!!!

  10. Distracted Earth

    Love watching Ruby making them gains! She is so fast so effortlessly.

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