RTX 2080 Ti owners are losing their minds

Here is a rationalization of why so many RTX 2080 Ti owners are upset currently, my thoughts on the issue, and why it may not as bad for them after all.


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  1. Cries in 1060 6gb.

  2. Is anyone else wondering why the Ryzen box says “Go Pro” on it?

  3. There is no blame on Nvidia, if you bought one that is on you and you alone.

  4. 1:18 Nothing to do with ‘male’ or ‘female’. He’s a nerdy gaming-gooner.


  6. I’m leaving you! …. OK – LOLLLL

  7. If next gen cards still struggle running games with this so called boost in performance then theres something wrong with optimization..

  8. ive had a 2080ti for two years. im not losing my mind lol, i doubt many are. whats up with all this? this is like the 3rd “video” from an otherwise respected youtuber like this telling me im mad because new stuff is TOO good? fuck off

    now the person who bought my 2080ti a month ago on ebay for $1125 might be feeling a bit different 😉

  9. man, you say 2070 super owners can recoup most of the cost. not uh, not in australia, those things are retailed so high. very sad.

  10. buys 2080 ti
    game like red dead 2 and horizon zero dawn exitsts on pc
    shows cs go footage

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