Royals merge: Harry and Meghan join William and Kate in tribute to Queen

The new Prince and Princess of Wales – William and Kate – stunned crowds paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, as they were joined by Harry and Meghan outdoors Windsor Castle.

A palace spokesperson has stated the Prince of Wales the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to become part of him and the Princess of Wales to greet well-wishers as they pay tribute to the Queen.


  1. How can mm show her face and read messages after she has lied about the royals?

  2. Je trouve que Kate et William sont vraiment parfait pour incarner les prochains roi et reine . Harry et Mégane sont beaux aussi. C’est bien de les revoir réunis. 👏🇫🇷😘

  3. The beauty and the elegance from the Princess of Wales is of this world 💜💜

  4. Good!… love to see this… time to unite

  5. You will be sadly missed, R. I. P

  6. Happy Congratulations to His Majesty King Charles the 3rd, and to the Prince and Princess of Wales.
    So happy to see all four together.
    Our late and dearest Queen would have loved to see this.
    Family is important, especially at this time of such a great loss to the nation and the world.
    May the legacy of our late Queen lives on forever, and May she rest in perfect peace.

  7. Marlene Cynthia Fleming


  8. Prince and Princess of Wales ❤️ Beautiful Couple💞🙏🏼

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