Routine Stop (Original Animation)

Officer Paul Ease pulls over a typical civilian to issue a typical dashing ticket

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  1. Hope you liked this video! This is the first video where I only did animation revisions. The rest of the animation was handled by the new animators! With that spare time, I was off making us a website! Here you can read about our team and how to support us. You can also check out the (WIP) Cartoon Hub that has fancifully designed pages for each series as well as scattered trivia. More things to come yall. Stick around ✌

  2. I want this power

  3. Father of the year folks.

  4. Stand name [fuck tha police]

  5. i accidentally made this account

    This video feels like it was directed by Jordan peele

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 y’all are silly for this.

  7. your local trash bin

    South park?

  8. I thought y’all just licensed peace of mind by Boston for the end credits

  9. this is by far one of my favorites

  10. Oh no…

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