Ronda Rousey joins SmackDown for the very first time ever | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN | WWE ON FOX

The Baddest Woman on the Planet emerged on Friday Night SmackDown for the very first time ever as Charlotte Flair had the stage. Ronda Rousey reminded the WWE Universe who the main event was, remind The Queen, “you are not special.”

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  1. Who are you rooting for Charlotte or Ronda?

  2. love video

  3. No one’s talking about how she said something rude about her baby? I almost broke my tablet after she said that 🌚

  4. Don’t get too excited. Even that Ronda were to win at Wrestlemania it’s only because she’d have to drop the title BACK to Charlotte at Summer Slam. Charlotte has too much time still on her contract and there’s NO way WWE will let her go, to AEW or anywhere else, for that reason. Not to mention name-recognition. She has a lot more of that than Ronda does or why else has she been champion for so long?

  5. CHarlotte is one to talk about family when her father embarrassed himself and has now resorted to hosting a podcast with Mark Madden formerly of WCW, could be on the outs with AEW Andrade, and I believe she has no child to call her own. When you do lose Charlotte, please go to AEW where you belong. You are a poor excuse in the WWE to have disrespect to your opp and fans alike. Go away Charlotte.


  7. Charlotte has her DADDY who gives / gets her ANYTHING she wants . A 30 pack wouldn’t make that look worth while

  8. Iove Ronda

  9. Seen This show already will not be watching mania

  10. What was Sonya thinking for jumping on Ronda’s back? 🤣😂😂

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