Ronald does SIS vs BRO Q&A

Your questions answered! SISvsBRO Q & A with Ronald


  1. Justin Reign Benamir

    POV: Your US State Goes To War To Fight Russia But Russia Nuked Your State. And To Make Matters Worse. The Tornado Formed Hours After Your State Was Nuclear Bombed

  2. Ronald? Whats your snap bro? K have watched u since 2016😂😂 do u remember the bird game? 😂, i played all the games u played, just because i wanted to be your friend😅😇

  3. pls play valorant or overwatch

  4. How old is Ronald does he drive a car something I saw him I was like is that Ronald

  5. Now he is very calm

  6. 4.8k !!!

  7. I can’t believe that he went from a funky, stuttering, funny, sqeaqy voice little boy to this guy who is SO tall, and has a deep voice 🤧

  8. What is your grade?

  9. Can u play sally face😍

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