Rod Wave – Stone Rolling (Official Video)

Pre-Save Rod Wave’s New Album “Beautiful Mind”

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  1. I don’t don’t even know wtf to say. I just had to comment because it’s ROD WAVE 🥇🥇💯🌪 album finna be lit. This song tells a lot.

  2. Rod been singing about pain for almost a decade

  3. *one of the few artists that gives me chills listening to their music, rod wave’s talent is undeniable* 🔥

  4. sounds like the rest of his songs💀🤣

  5. ほのまるちゃん【Baby's daily life】

    good song😊

  6. I’m way betta

  7. 🔥🔥💯💯
    My music is betta

  8. I make way betta music 🎶 but it’s ok.

  9. 👈👈👈
    Come thru.. I am the BEST FREESTYLE RAP ARTIST IN NEW YORK 🔥💯🗽

  10. Ok I’m ready for the album

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