Rod Wave – Got It Right (Official Video)

Rod Wave’s New Project “Jupiter Diaries: The 7 Day Theory”, Out Now:

#Rodwave #JupiterDiaries


  1. I like this song fr 🔥 I have it on repeat

  2. It’s wonderful to see the group come back together. I hope by the end of this year the group is in one again and we’re back to good times, combined with modern video’s. 😮

  3. My therapist

  4. Finally got it right 💚🖤💯

  5. Rod always going crazy Fr 🙏🏾🔥

  6. Rod wave is the best artist alive !!!!!

  7. I’m so glad Gray went back to this game! But I still need to see the end of the story and see if he can become the world’s best liar

  8. So happy I seen you yesterday 🫶🏽 #chicagoStandUp

  9. Had no clue about the weapon tuning until I watched this lol

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