Rod Wave – Already Won ft Lil Durk (Official Video)

#SoulFly #Rodwave #LilDurk
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Director: Henry DaCosta @__henrydacosta__
Production: Reel Goats @reelgoats
Executive producer: James Rico @ricodidit
Line Producer: Shaq Gonzoe @shaqgonzoe
Producer: Ken Jackson @kenjaxson
DP: Zoë Simone-Yi @zoesimone.y
Production Designer: Hannah Meachin @hannahcarlene
Editor: Henry DaCosta @__henrydacosta__
VFX: Rick Lancaster @ricklancaster_ Lucas Clark @lucas.rfx
Colorist: Bryan Littler @bryansmaller


  1. 28.5 trillion debt! How much could be the Fed shrink its balance sheet!

  2. Chasing demons !

  3. I been had this song

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