Rocket League made a huge mistake in the new update

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  1. Hey guys! If you wanna see more behind the scenes / insider stories / extended gameplay, check out MoreSunless —>

  2. I’m so proud of you Sunless <3

  3. you got me at the start, ngl

  4. Remember when Jon balled rizzo well now it’s balled by sunless

  5. What are the coms like over there….( uh I might go back for boost) full silence

  6. I think I know what happened

    Psyonix knew sunlesskhan was a youtuber so they just assumed he was ssl and put him in

  7. Psyonix knew what they were doing Porsche 911 in September

  8. 23:38 “best 1v1 series ive ever seen 💀💀💀” shit got me cackling

  9. Man. Why was this so intense. I realized I was smiling the whole time when my jaw started hurting. Couldn’t stop smiling though. And man. If they did let us do custom maps like that, so many people would be way better at the game

  10. i think loganghhf wants to talk to you tomorrow

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