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Rocket Bunny made widebody kits and over fenders one of the most well liked trends in the history of automobiles. Kei Muira has compounded multiple influences from japanese automobile culture to create a world wide phenomenon. How did Rocket Bunny become one of the most well liked body kit corporations on earth?

We without exaggeration could not have done it without any him. He gave us a ton of footage, provided a number of truly cool info and fun tales about Kei Muira, he even set up an interview with the guy himself. He in addition has some truly cool constructs. To look at more of his things follow his youtube channel OMG Miata and even Toyo Tires youtube.

And another giant thanks to Kenji at Greddy Performance for sitting down with us. They are the US distributor of Rocket Bunny kits and accessories.
And of course thanks to Kei Muira for having such a cool story and doing such cool things.

Astonishing animations by Raghav Arumugam Check out his things here.

He’s a super hillarious dude and a ton of amusing things he added got cut or moved for one reason or another.

And bellows to Jonny Grunewald for bringing his dope Rocket Bunny RX-8 by our shop to use for the UTS background!

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