ROBBERY?!! Who REALLY Won? (Petr Yan vs Sean O’Malley)

Here we will end the debate on who won in the fight Petr Yan vs Sean O’Malley



  1. Sean O’Malley is the real deal for sure. It’s truly a special time to see so many great fighters in Bantamweight.

  2. Great analysis. Wish the fight would have been longer.

  3. Had to call for the man like The Weasel to get his take on who won, for me personally in my opinion O’Malley sneaked it…just.

  4. Unfollow. This is nonsense. My 5 year old daughter could see that Yan won that fight

  5. ˈkaZHo͞oəstrē

    I came away from the fight thinking O’Malley won 1, so all the talk about him winning 3 has made me feel better about the decision. However I think that fight should have been a draw. Def should have been 5 rounds. Glad Shawn won tho so excited for how he improves as a fighter he really did impress.

  6. Sean vs Chito is the only fight to make here. Despite the controversial decision, we all thought Sean was going to get mauled by Petr and it didn’t happen. Very entertaining fight. Looking forward to a rematch in the future.

  7. The most annoying thing UFC fans say is “Casual” give it up already.

    The problem is the inconsistent judging, has nothing to do with the fighters.

    Sometimes judges reward takedowns and we say “wtf, the other guy did more damage, he should have won”

    Then judges reward damage and we say “wtf the other guy had more takedowns, he should’ve won”

    And it’s because the judging is inconsistent af and they make us think one thing is worth more, but then change their minds based on the fighter.

    Also, there’s always 1 judge that’s way off of the other 2. Pay attention next time and you’ll see what I’m talking about, almost every time there’s a judge off.

    I had Yan winning, but Sean did more damage, so it’s like wtf are we rewarding these days? These judges are bullshit

  8. Excluding the illegal knee DQ, Yan has only ever lost by split decision on 3 separate occasions. Some sort of Siberian curse

  9. Just because O Malley did better than you though doesn’t mean he won the fight. Yan beat him regardless on what you though whould have happened. 🤦‍♂️ smh

  10. anyone who thinks o malley won is blind.

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