Rob & Ryan Lead From Behind

I made a bet. I lost. But it still paid off.

LEAD FROM BEHIND is on a mission to make colon cancer well-known.
We are raising consciousness that #ColonCancer is The Preventable Cancer.

► Colon cancer is the second largest cancer killer in America. 1 in 24 Americans gets colon cancer. It does not need to be – because it is preventable.
► The best way to obstruct colon cancer is by getting a colonoscopy when you turn 45. The regulations altered in 2021 lowering the age from 50 to 45.
► People do not want to speak about colonoscopies, let alone get one. We are using playfulness and heart to change that.
► Colon cancer is increasing in young folks – foretold to be the top cancer killer for folks under 50 by 2030.

LEAVE FROM BEHIND is founded by Brooks Bell, powered by @colorectalcanceralliance, and built in partnership with Maximum Effort & Chrysi Philalithes.



  1. No mask on rob makes me think he’s an anti vax

  2. This is an amazing video, I am living proof that that colonoscopy saves lives. I had my first one this may at 47 (I delayed it because of COVID). The doctors removed a 45mm polyp (no that is not a typo..) from my colon. The pathology showed that this was one huge ball of cancer… but the bad stuff didn’t go down the stem to the bowel wall and the margins were clean, meaning once he removed the polyp, I was cancer free.. The worst part of the whole this is the prep, but the procedure is easy.. I can not stress enough if you are of age or have colorectal cancer in your family history, consult a physician and schedule it NOW!!!! #LeadFromBehind

  3. Great raising awareness in a funny way

  4. The wonderful message aside, amazing that you’ve chosen to put more Welsh into your videos 😊

  5. Too bad, not everyone has insurance.

  6. Diane McKinney Photography

    Thank you for making people more aware! ❤️ I was diagnosed stage 3 colon cancer- NO SYMPTOMS-ROUTINE SCREENING. Life got busy and I put off my screening until 53. I could have avoided surgery and chemo had I just gone in on time when my doctor told me too. I hope this motivates more people to get their screenings. Great job guys!!

  7. No face diaper… trust the séance.. I mean the science.

  8. Well done Ryan. Our NHS don’t do anything any more- can’t even see a doctor or even get through to the surgery on the phone. It’s an absolute disgrace. Colonoscopies are one of many tests that don’t seem to exist any more and, if “lucky” enough to get one then a general anaesthetic is not given- just minor sedation if you really push for that. Having been through this awful procedure a decade ago and a gastroscopy at the same time, it was horrible and agonising. Welcome to the UK😡

  9. the way rob misses his mouth completely with the graham cracker is hilarious

  10. I’m only 38 but I’ve had three now due to increased risk and symptoms. I didn’t have sedation for any of them, just had a chat with the doctor and watched it on the screen. It’s really no big deal at all, brief, minor discomfort and it’s over so fast. I didn’t even use the gas and air. I’ve had several polyps removed and it’s a weight off my mind to see healthy tissue. There’s nothing about the procedure to be scared of, it’s really nothing at all.

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