RMU Exclusive: Bethune prez clarifies why he fired Ed Reed; defends school from critics

#RolandMartinUnfiltered Exclusive: Bethune Cookman president clarifies why he fired Ed Reed; defends school from critics

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  1. Because they are stealing the money 💰 he lie

  2. Where was Disney to invest in the cleanup from the hurricanes, I call BS

  3. 803southOrangeburg

    Well close all of them then shit. The way yall talking ain’t nothing good about any of them.

  4. Great job

  5. Terrence Forehand, Sr

    Is it me, or does he close close his eyes every time he speake

  6. Appreciate you allowing the Interim President speak without interruption. Context matters. Thank you

  7. Dr. Lawrence Drake is lying his ass off those conditions were present when i visited that Campus 20 yrs ago an hes blaming it on Hurricanes. Smh.

  8. This sounds like baloney/spin.

  9. If those students/players get sick from MOLD! It will cost even more when the school gets sued. This man needs to open his eyes and do something before things get worst. BTW Mildew IS MOLD!!!

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