Rising Yellowstone River prompts evacuations in Livingston

Rising Yellowstone River prompts evacuations in Livingston


  1. And Americans still are in denial of global warming! Go figure! What will it take?

  2. Go mother nature go kick those homosapiens asses

  3. Breaking News In Heavy Rains waterways flood, Next up the sky is blue water is wet

  4. xGoodOldSmurfehx

    I get the whole event and all but for fuck’s sake people you live next to an active supervolcano, nobody should even live within 100km of that thing

  5. Look up ! Those who control the weather will control the world ! WEF ! 24 major food processing plants destroyed mysteriously over last six months ! WEF!

  6. See how many super rich billionaires step up ! Let me tell you ,none !

  7. I had to evacuate from 4 houses

  8. At least the current is weak. Good luck to everyone affected.

  9. It is named “Yellow”stone because it was the rock the natives urinated on…Yellowstone means toilet rock in the native tongue…

  10. Everybody praying to the god that caused this LOL

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