Rings of Power Episode 8 FINALE BREAKDOWN | Lord of the Rings on Prime Explained

Deep dive into Rings of Power Episode 8: “Alloyed” ! We are going to search for all the references to Tolkien’s deeper lore, justify what is happening, and I’ll give some thoughts along the way. We now have a 2-year wait until season two – the question is, how does Season 1 score and in what ways does this show need to improve going forward?

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  1. Tjis whole session has been a disappointment for me 5/10. Do a season recap with a score.

  2. Kylo Ren at 16:39 – haha!

  3. ¿Tras la forja de los 3, Sauron con forma seductora hará recelar y envidiar a los enanos y humanos de los anillos élficos para que acepten los 7 y 9, manipularlos y enfrentarlos así a los elfos, tanto numenor como los enanos en parte odian a los elfos? ¿Ar-Pharazôn será el Rey Brujo? ¿el Istar/Maiar ya sea Gandalf y/o mago azul en el este dará lugar a la aparición de 4 de las familias enanas y sus reyes, así como otros elfos y reinos humanos?

  4. For my Spanish speaking friends, this breakdown is now live over on Nerd of the Rings Español: https://youtu.be/J3cqizL3Tis

  5. What I would love to see in season 2 is Galadriel using magic, now that she has her ring, and she better have her ring, I would like to see her use a little magic

  6. I think the series was a solid 7.8/10 really really enjoyed it, some things like the pacing in some parts through me off a little bit but I’m very excited to see where season 2 is going

  7. the show is trash thanks for selling out to amazon lmfao

  8. how people travel great distances like its nothing is so poorly written. How we the viewers have no sense of time passed in the story is poorly written. The cringe writing. How poorly protrayed the numenorians are… Im glad this season is ended.

  9. Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte

    The cultists being turned into moths seems like a very gandalfish thing to me. I’m definitely on the Gandalf bandwagon.

  10. Whitlock The Revanchist

    Idk, my impression was that he is Gandolf and that maybe the blue wizards were already on middle earth and they are considering seeking them out. Which no matter which direction they go, they should be able to find at least one wizard with the blue wizards being in the east and the others west or northwest of their current location. Of course I could be off and as much as I’m loving the show, they are playing a little loose with the lore. With there being at least 5 seasons, I think maybe we still could get the creation of the rings of power going forward. I wonder if this is whole season is a huge huge pilot for the future seasons leading to the rings creation and the war. I desperately want to see Gil-galad and Elindel and their fight with sauron. I have been dying to see that with my real eyes rather than my minds eye since I was a kid.
    Sorry for the long comment, there’s just so much that could come from this if they do it right. I like to hope they purposefully left us waiting for more

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