Rick and Morty | S6E7 Cold Open: Last time on Rick and Morty | adult swim

The wait for all-new intergalactic Smith family antics is at long last over. Rick and Morty season 6 comes back Nov 20.
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What to observe next: more Rick and Morty clips!

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Rick and Morty | S6E7 Cold Open: Last time on Rick and Morty | adult swim


  1. I like how Rick is so smart he knows he just in a show but just doesn’t do anything about it

    • What can he do besides just try to keep the show on the air? When the giant heads showed up, he just went with it and entertained them to keep them from destroying the world. He did have the portal gun as an escape plan – but his first goal was to just put on a good performance. That was a little different, though.
      Even when he switches realities, the show follows him.

    • If you knew you were the star of your own show, why would you do anything about it? Ride the wave, broh.

    • @Danny Jammy wouldnt he realize that attacking the creators in any way jeopardizes his own survival as they could simply stop writing the show and he would cease to exist or have powers of any kind as they didnt write them in.

    • K i t t y 👑 (Angy Mumei Worshipper) 🅥

      4th wall break right

    • In order to escape cartoon he has to become what he isn’t, and that’s 3d and bunch more

  2. Looks like another really good episode with incestuous themes. Awesome.

  3. Nice qh

  4. This is a perfect example of Justin’s chaos mixed with Dan’s meta level storytelling that i started watching for

  5. Ah Rick, there you are. Just casually beating the 4th wall into a bloody paste.

  6. rofl Previous Leon

  7. Yes finally

  8. I love how Meta this show is? This is gonna be exciting.

  9. I liked how they went threw the opening titles and mortys reaction to it

  10. Wait ” Training with meatballs ” references

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