Rich Eisen: What Declaring Bengals-Bills a Tie Would Mean for the NFL Playoff Picture

Rich Eisen and a caller ponder the NFL’s conundrum on what to do with Bills-Bengals games and if awarding a tie could fix the situation.

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  1. It appears that these complications could have been avoided if the game somehow could have been played out. Even Damar expected it, because after waking his first question was reportedly, Did we win?

  2. They should have played Thursday, co-worker die all the time but we got to keep working

  3. Damar is back he’s commutation

  4. real simple scenario if bills bengals and cheifs all win last week if bengals play bills second round should be at a neutral site if bills play cheifs afc championship game neutral site and if bengals play cheifs afc championship it should be in kansas city

  5. Declare a win for both teams and who cares what the KC Cheaters want they are the scum of the league. Also Baltimore is scum to so what if the Bengals win the division

  6. What team isn’t making the playoffs bc this game wasn’t finished….jeez! Just get ready for playoff football and stop whining.

  7. In my mind the ONLY fair way to do this is they need to play the bills bengals game.

  8. You can hear the regret in his voice for having this conversation. I respect him.

  9. NFL is soft.
    The game should have continued.

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