Rich Eisen Reacts to the Panthers’ Blockbuster Trade with the Bears to Get the #1 Pick in NFL Draft

Rich Eisen chimes in on the Carolina Panthers buying and selling a bevy of picks with the Chicago Bears to move up to #1 in the NFL Draft to select their quarterback of the future.

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  1. check out my bears franchise rebuild !

  2. As a life long Bears fan, this trade was genius, why am I still scared????

  3. Not a Bears fan but they needed the return they got instead of No. 1. They may not see immediate results but they can start putting better pieces around Fields through the draft, especially with two first rounders next year.

  4. I could be wrong, but I don’t see this working out well for Carolina. Trades like that are often one-sided, especially when future #1 picks are shipped. At least the Rams got a Super Bowl from the Stafford-Goff trade.

  5. This baldo said fresh cut

  6. Rich, the Texans have to stay there, they need a Quarterback. They had the #1 and now they have the #2. Also they might still their guy. Like you said, this is great move by both teams.

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  8. Where is Warren Sapp ??

  9. Ummm as a Carolina fan… What player am I suppose to be pulling for this year?? The front office has completely stripped this team down to its core

  10. Bears basically have the 5th pick in the draft if you take away all the QBs

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