REVELATION // Episode 6 Cinematic – VALORANT

From darkness, insight.

Uncover the wonders of a forgotten world in Episode 6: REVELATION. Kicking off Jan 10, 2023.

Constructed in partnership with Blur Studio:
Storyboards and Concept Designs constructed in partnership with Lex + Otis

eaJ & Safari Riot – VISIONS
Listen here:



  1. okay sage duelist

  2. since when was omen Mr miyagi


  4. man i can’t wait for the lol 2023 cinematic

  5. Wann se some chamber in the cinematics pls

  6. prakash chowdhary

    Make a television series please, the animations and music are incredible

  7. Sage’s anger makes me tear up for some reason.

  8. Thanks valorant for having my eaJ🔥

  9. i am in love with the animation and SAGE too 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. hiiii sage~ please beat me up? i beg
    sage please~

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