1. Just release the game I need to know the lore

  2. I think kissy is going to be mad at us for not releasing her, which results in her being evil in chapter 3, I mean look at what we have, red text obviously coming from either kissy or another experiment, we have kissy being locked up and being taken away, and in the end the co-workers have died from the train crash, so yeah, thats my theory (forgot the white eyes at the beginning)

  3. what is writing down at 1:45

  4. Now we jsut wait for matpat to turn this into a 1hr 20min video 😂💕


    I wish I was on the phone

  6. Pls project playtime mobile pls 😭😭😭


    Project play time if i can play

  8. меня о
    дного удиивило то что в начвале было написано по русски😳

  9. Anyone else saw mommy long legs in the background on the step 2 part when they secure kissy?

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