Responding to the Oscars “CHAMPAGNE” 🤢 Carpet Looks


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  1. Siobahn Clermont

    the way my prom dress was literally that exact yellow… NOT a slay versace

  2. I really vibe w Pedro Pascals strong glasses choice. I think he really slays the accessories game in general but the glasses really pulled the look together!

  3. i wanted to know what you thought of harry shum jr’s outfit!

  4. I love Angela Basset’s hair and he necklace as well she looks so good

  5. I’m loving the two Fabergé-esque orb purses I saw, need to make one of those with super glue and some Michael’s coupons 😊

  6. Natalia Rodriguez

    can you please do a video about daisy jones & the six? i feel like she looks like a free people ad LOL

  7. I think Ana De Armas’s undone hair really ruined the look. She’s been doing that a lot and it just looks too casual for these types of events, not a fan. I can’t stop cackling at the “It’s giving 3 kids in a trench coat” comment. It’s so true lol!! Look up Monica Barbaro’s look if you haven’t seen it. I’m obsessed with her dress.

  8. I would rather flood my eye balls with tobacco sauce than watch the woke dumpster fire they call the oscars

  9. I think timeless is better than memorable and Kate Blanchette looked timeless in that

  10. Candela Gutierrez

    this has nothing to do with the video but i love your laugh sm!!

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