Responding to Fortnite SEASON 7 Trailer! (Battlepass Reaction + Story Trailer)

Today I’m responding to the Fortnite Season 7 TRAILER ! Both the tale trailer and the battlepass gameplay trailer that FORTNITE just published! Season 7 drops so soon!

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🎥 Edit: JackZenn

🎵 Outro Song: Romos – Helios

Hey all people it is SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid in Season 7! I try to keep these videos as neat and family friendly as viable. Today im responding to fortnite season 7’s battlepass and story trailer! Hope you get pleasure from!

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  1. lisavf1 harrison

    Hi sylhet hope your having a good day your my fav writ YouTubeer

  2. “No primals visible”
    “Everything’s clear”
    “We are good to go.”


    2142 angel number

  4. The most important question: What happened to the zero point?

  5. Jackson Leavelle

    Everybody one gangsta til the spire says: skibbity bob mm dada

  6. Jackson Leavelle

    1:01 Gives me og lobby music vibes

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