Responding to BUGHA’S ICON SKIN!

Today I’m responding to BUGHA getting his Icon Skin! He’s even getting his own “Late Game” LTM!

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Hey all people it is SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid in Season 7! I try to keep these videos as neat and family friendly as achieveable. Today I’m Reacting to Bugha’s Icon Skin Announcement! Hope you get pleasure from!

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  1. Sypher has a skin but not icon series

  2. I know you love fortnite play on Nintendo

  3. Epic: let’s get lebron James in the game: Epic:let’s get bugha in the game:

  4. How lazy do you want to be making a video?
    Sypher: YES

  5. They need to get sypher his skin ASAP! He keeping that game alive lol

  6. Im underrated btw 🖤

  7. I just dropped a banger 😈

  8. Good work bugha and hopefully you get a icon skin

  9. Sypher is actually cross that he doesn’t have a skin yet and trying to act cool

  10. Jeffrey P. Sagpao Jr.

    Ima try win the skin

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